May-June 2016

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Greg Peterson
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Kathy Kubick

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Steve Hully
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Dave Walter

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Tim Macsay
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George Galyean

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    Well, I'm going to try and give the email newsletter new life. Bill Gallihugh is going to work along with me on getting the letter out to our club members. I am going to provide Bill with the articles and Bill will be putting it all together and emailing the letter to you all. Let me tell you all right off the bat Mr. Gallihugh does wonders for the Hoosier MG's. He is kind of the man in the background most of the time, and does not get the credit he deserves most of the time.
   I'm not an English Major so this email will be in a kind of down home style for my part. I'm not a real Editor but pretend to be one on the email. Did I also mention it will fun as well so expect that as well. So, what we need from our members are tales of your adventures, items of interest that might be interesting to the Hoosier MG members. Who knows, you just might see your story here in The Hoosier MG's e-News. Email your items to Our goal is the send out this newsletter every other month, leaving the month of January off due to club inactivity. Tim Macsay - Editor

Key West British Car Club 'Return to Paradise'

    Below is a trip by one of our club member couples, Bob & Pat Lewis. This is the kind of articles we are looking for. Seems like they had a very good time and although it's a long drive, it was worth it. They forgot to mention that Fred's fuel pump went out 90 miles from Key West. Would you believe he saw a passing NAPA delivery truck going by several times so he hailed it and asked the guy if would deliver a fuel pump to them where they were at. He agreed and after a bit of work Fred was on his way again. Amazing! - Ed.

    td1    Pat & I, along with Fred & Susie Ulery, and Tim & Sue O'Neil, attended the yearly gathering in Key West. The O'Neil's have been attending for many years while the Ulery's and we have attended for the last three years. I will try to give an idea of why we love to go there each year in case anyone else would be interested. We usually have about a dozen or so couples who attend and most of us stay at the Blue Marlin Hotel which is in the "Old Town" and within easy walking distance of Duvall St. and many, many attractions. The hotel is subject to change, but that's where we've been for the last 3 years. In April, the weather is usually pleasant so outside activities are a priority. The first day (Monday) is arrival day and there is a club sponsored get-together at the pool area of the hotel at 5:00. Beer/wine, sodas and snacks are provided. This is a chance to catch up with friends, meet any new people and discuss the week's agenda. On Tuesday, we hold our annual Bocce Ball tournament. This year, my team, which included Tim O'Neil and Fred Ulery (our ringer) came within a point of winning the championship! Better luck next year, I guess. We then had a group lunch at "Salute' On the Beach". They had fresh stone crab claws, so you know what I had! The afternoon and evening were free time.
   This year, on Wednesday, the group drove to the Boondocks Bar on Summerland Key, about 25 miles north of Key West for a miniature golf tournament. Susie Ulery and her partner won that one. Then we went to the "No-Name Bar" on Big Pine Key, which is an historic bar & restaurant just a few miles further north. We ended the day with a Key West British Car Club (KWBCC) sponsored shrimp and fish buffet and annual club meeting at the "Hurricane Hole Bar & Restaurant" which was formerly owned by the only KWBCC member who actually lives in Key West!
   On Thursday, the day was mostly free time, so, after breakfast, several of us went on a glass-bottom boat tour of the coral reef off of Key West. We had a late lunch at "Schooners Wharf", a famous old bar/restaurant on the docks. The rest of the day until the "Conch Festival Parade" was free time.
   The parade, down DuVall Street in Key West, is a New Orleans type of parade with everyone throwing beads, etc. We drive our (decorated) cars in the parade and toss beads and stuff. It's really lots of fun. The parade ends at the "Conch Republic Seafood Company", where some of us go for after-parade food & drinks.
   On Friday, the only planned activity is The "Conch Republic Great Sea Battle", which is gleefully reenacted yearly in Key West harbor after dark, so most of the day is free time to just enjoy Key West. Here is more info about the Conch Republic Independence Celebration:
   Obviously, this week-long affair isn't a typical car club get-together. There is no car show. The whole week's activities are all designed for friendship & fun. Oh yeah, we eat & drink a lot as well, as if you couldn't tell! Bob Lewis

Post Script - Info on the Key West British Car Club ( The club is open to owners of any type of British car, although most have MG's. Some of us drive our MG's there, some trailer to somewhere close by, some drive a non-British car and some fly in and rent a car for the week. All are welcome, and the key word is "casual". The annual get-together is aptly named "Return to Paradise". There is no car show, no tech sessions or much else that is car tech related, other than any repairs that have to be done during the week!


    Longtime club member since 1997, Carl and Jeanette Strohm are our May-June Hoosier MG Featured Members. Carl & Jeanette are also the owners of Strohm Automotive, and have been in business here in Indianapolis for 26 years. The Strohms have been married for 38 years and have three sons to call their own. Carl was born & raised in Indiana and is proud to be called a Hoosier. He is a Lincoln Tech Graduate and enjoys working on our little British cars as well as other cars.    His love for MG's can be evidenced by looking around the shop walls. There is an MGA frame and other miscellaneous MG body parts hanging from those walls. The floors and shelves also hold various parts and an engine. His interest in MG's started when he was 2-3 years old when he took a liking to his Dad's 1954 MGTF. You can't fault that, the TF is a beautiful car which would surely light up any boy's eyes. From there the love affair continued well into his adulthood.
   Carl owns a 1959 and 1960 MGA that he drives to our Hoosier MG events, and Jeanette often co-pilots and keeps hubby on the straight and narrow. Well, at least that's what my wife does, so I figure we all need to be kept straight - Carl included.
   Carl's dream car is an MGA Coupe and he just happens to have one stuffed under a tarp at his shop. His favorite color for the MGA Coupe would be dark blue or British racing green. Now all he needs is find the time to work on the MGA and fulfill his dream. Roast Beef is Carl's favorite food and hockey is his favorite sporting event. He said that if he could find time to travel he and Jeanette would first love to tour the United States and then Western Europe. The Hoosier MG's are happy to have Carl and Jeanette as our members.


Upcoming Events - Wow! Lots of stuff coming up in the near future. In May alone the are five events on the calendar, and three of them are hosted by the Hoosier MG's. June has seven events on the calendar, and the biggie event is the All MG Meet MG-2016 in Louisville. This is a national event, and you don't want to miss that one. If nothing else, be there for the Car Show, where, the rumor is that we may have 1500 MG's present. Check the website calendar for more information.

Club Happenings - The Moonshine run was rained out but Steve Hully assures me that he is going to reschedule, possibly, in July. Once again keep an eye on the calendar for confirmation of the new date. Our monthly meetings at the German American continue, and we recently welcomed a new member at the dinner. Kenneth & Sandra Walls drove their 1978 MGB Roadster to the dinner.

Swap Meet/Flea Market - The Hoosier MG's have a Swap Meet/Flea Market coming up in the near future. The place will be in the South Indianapolis area at Strohm Automotive. Time to start gathering up all those MG parts for the sale. Once again check with the calendar for dates and times.